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Re: Hello!Can you read my chart and also suggest some career ideas?

Mike, you would probably be happiest in a leadership role for an organization. I say this because the 10th house cusp (MC) ruler of the sign of Leo is the sun; and your sun is in the 11th "house of friends". You have the capacity to see your co-workers as friends. Most people don't start out leading organizations, but work their way up, step by step. So the important thing is not to box yourself into a career with no opportunities for advancement.

What kind of work? With your sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Virgo, if you are good with numbers, you might enjoy something like accounting, auditing, or actuarial work. You are probably good at "trouble-shooting": i. e., analysing a complex situation and figuring out how to fix it or improve it.

You appear to have some artistic talent, with Venus in its own sign of Libra. The question is whether your creativity is simply something you prefer to express privately, or whether you want to pull in a larger audience. You might think about architecture or graphic design, or perhaps the business side of the music industry.

Your chart has a lot of the earth element in it, so you would probably be happiest in a career that was very practical, and dealt with very material, concrete things (rather than a subject like philosophy or psychology, for example.)

What careers appeal to you now?
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