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Re: When will my finances improve?

scahm, this is not really a "when will my finances improve?" horary, because basically your chart and OP suggest that the problem is your relationship to money. Until you get that sorted out, even a sudden windfall is likely to slip through your fingers. However, the chart does suggest that you can buckle down and develop a better plan with your money.

With Sagittarius rising, you are symbolized by Jupiter, appropriately in the second house of money. But Jupiter is in its fall and retrograde. So financially you're not in a strong position (which you've mentioned.) Jupiter and the moon make an exact sextile (partile) in Pisces, but in the third house of thought and communication, and conjunct Neptune, it makes me wonder how realistic and hard-headed you are about money.

Saturn rules both the third house (as the traditional ruler of Aquarius) and second house. It is strong in its domicile, but Saturn doesn't rule optimism. He rules strict attention to frugality. The moon's final aspect before changing sign will be a sextile to Saturn.

I think your money will improve when you can set up a strict budget and savings plan, and see if you can trim any of your current expenditures.

In natal astrology, Saturn-Pluto involving the second house would carry a serious risk of bankruptcy. But with the moon moving on to sextile Saturn, it looks like your money can work out if you heed Saturn's lessons.
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