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Re: When will my finances improve?

Originally Posted by Ouranos View Post
Hello Scahm,

You are Sagittarius rising with Jupiter in Fall and R in Capricorn showing anguish, trouble and delays regarding financial issues.
Co-ruler Moon in Pisces and 3rd(Joy) indicates your 'ready to help' nature but also a tendency to let fate take its course, floating through and no desire to push.
Waning Moon in 3rd ruling 8th = Time to go over your expenses, contracts, written deeds, travel or transportation expenses. You need to communicate with government agencies, banks or the authorities to check where you can save (Moon sextile JupiterR and SaturnR). Expect delays in return.

Jupiter turns Direct Sept 14th and Saturn the dispositor of Jupiter turns Direct Sept 30th which could bring a light in the tunnel for stability and permanence but you will have to wait until Jupiter leaves Capricorn Dec 19th and also when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius in January, you will be able to grow something for the next 20 years.

Hi Ouranos,

Many thanks for looking at this chart, it's greatly appreciated. Is there anything within this that might indicate a new job with a salary increase? I've been wanting to move to a new job for a while now, but you're accurate in your assessment as I've been rather laissez-faire in terms of looking.
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