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Re: Is this the end?

Originally Posted by Ouranos View Post
Both significators (Mercury and Jupiter) are Peregrine, like lost in the wood with a sip of water.
MercuryL1 is in the Triplicity and Bound of Jupiter and the Moon (co-ruler) is ruled and Face of Jupiter, plus Moon applies by sextile to Jupiter.
The only problem is Jupiter retro and in Fall which can only receive poorly. He invites you home with a can of beans and no electricity.
Adding the Moon (co-ruler) in Detriment and Fall of MercuryL1. You break the cookie and you try to patch it with a duct-tape! Changes are not made in the right direction.
The final episode has the Moon squaring Venus Lord of 6th conjunct North Node The 6th is (12th from 7th) = End of the relationship.

Wishing you all the strength and support you need!
Merci Ouranos
thank you for your good wishes
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