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Thoughts on exam horary, letís find out together!

Will I achieve to attend my goal university and department at my first attempt?

Even though saturn in first, I think this chart still can be interpreted, bc it is one of the significators.
Letís start, saturn is in capricorn but retro. It may symbolize a capable but anxious, overthinking-person. Additionally I have natal moon in capricorn. Exams and universities are 9th house, Venus. Venus is in 6th house which represents health workers, doctors etc. Venus and saturn make no aspects but venus conjuncts true node (is it meaningful?)
Venus is in saturnís triplicity. venusís ruler mercury is also in saturnís term. Moon is in pisces and in 2nd house. Moon is in a comfortable state. Jupiter is in capricorn and retro but in 12th house (its natural house) jupi and moon apply a trine

Any thoughts, comments or recommendations are welcomed!
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