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Re: Is this the end?

He is Jupiter, sitting in his 3rd of communications, separated from the square with argumentative mars. So he is retrograde, licking his wounds and makes no aspect. Don't expect him to make the first move. After he finishes contemplating things he will turn direct and aspect Neptune, feeling compassion and empathy, and will be ready for friendship.
You are mercury, just entered the sign of Leo so less moody and emotional than previously in cancer and more interested in giving love. In your 3rd of communications, you can feel more generous with your thoughts and words.
Moon contacting Uranus by sextile, in the 12th house of isolation, says to let things lie for the moment, the situation needs space and air and room to work out all the emotions, both good and bad. Moon is on the cusp of the 11th house, co-ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is in the house of pisces, sign that moon is currently in. There is a need for a lot of sensitivity and intuition to be used here.
You mercury will square that Uranus, it is hard for you to step backwards and distance yourself, so you risk setting off a spark that will end things.
Uranus is in taurus, sign that is intercepted in the 12th, which means it has no "doorway" to get out and express its energy. Ruler of taurus is Venus, in the ascendent, exactly conjunct north node which shows the path to follow for future development.
North node in gemini is playful, flirtatious, communicative but light hearted and light footed.
Mercury rules both the ascendent and your 5th house, which is what you really want, a love affair, but it won't be easily obtained. Mercury next will conjunct sun, become burnt out, and sun is sitting on the cusp of the 4th, so you may just give up from exhaustion and end things. If you don't, from that position you will trine mars, finding new energy, and new approach to expressing your love.
He, Jupiter, after contacting Neptune, touches Pluto and the question of power plays and controlling behaviour between you two will have to be worked out.
Not an easy road ahead of you, as Chrysalis wrote it might work out at the end but you will have to be very careful how you act and react to save the situation.

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