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Re: Finding love this year

Originally Posted by June38 View Post
Hi there!
I am a 23 years old female. I didn't had a relationship for about one and a half year now, and didn't date anyone around maybe 10 months or so… funny thing is I never though I would need anybody and being solo was good enough since I've been in long-term relationships for the longest time. But now especially after the epidemic, I felt so alone. I want a long-term committed relationship but I can only do too much. I also need to put my time and effort on money and career because of the effects of this epidemic. I just wanted to see if astrology is on my side about relationships before putting my time, effort, hopes and emotions down that road.
I created this horary chart accordingly to the exact time I've decided to ask you guys in here about it.
So, will I have a relationship like I want this year?
thank you for your time
Unfortunately, I don't think so.

There are fixed signs on the angles, which is one testimony that things aren't changing. That's very superficial though so we need to go deeper.

You are Mars in Pisces in the 5th. This is actually a really nice Mars. In his own triplicity, in a good house, in a feminine sign under the earth during the day. So you're at least capable and generally pretty fortunate as far as relationships go. Mars is also angular by quadrant division, so you're definitely able to find a relationship.

Relationships are the 7th house, ruled by Venus. Venus is in Gemini in a day chart, in the 8th sign, retrograde. Venus is making no applying aspect to Mars. That says to me that the issue isn't really you, the opportunities are just nonexistent at the moment.

So I don't think you'll find love this year, but through no fault of your own. The opportunities just aren't there it seems. But don't let that stop you from trying. I think it's pretty unlikely that you'll stop trying with Mars in Pisces being so prominent.
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