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Re: Do I have any STD?


As for your question

Do I have STD?
Your thoughts are prone to worry about it, (Venus in the worry 8th) but I don't see in the chart a a thing that suggests you have the the STD. Venus in a thinking sign Gemini only.
Mars lord of the 6th H.C. and the 1st H.C. (heat) in a higher minded thinking (script for Mars) sign (Aquarius) in the 3rd house additionally says no.
Moon is past the aspect with Mars, only Venus (not comfortable in a worry wort house that Mars rules) makes an
aspect to Mars, in a common house, and that is to say, take it easy, the aspect is a trine, (the situation is protected, don't worry so much). go get a check up won't you. Am not a doctor, and as an adroit
Student of Astrology above has said...Astrologer's do make errors..once
in a while..we're not infallible, not much..

Please get a check up and update won't you?

"Student of Astrology"

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