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Re: Do I have any STD?

I feel like I should reply to this due to the subject of the question.

First off, get tested. DO NOT rely on horary or any form of divination to tell you. This can be said for any subject matter, especially health. We could be wrong. It happens. Charts get read wrong all the time. Or, chart predictions just donít come true. There's a reason why so many of us avoid doing so. We don't want to end up being wrong and it affecting us negatively.

With that being said, I have an incurable, benign STD.

I want you to know that it isn't the end of the world if you have one. Most are treatable and manageable. Just remind yourself that. Your STD doesn't define you. There are really more things out there to be concerned about.

I don't know if you're male or female, but go to your doctor to get checked. If female, pap smears can detect HPV, a STD that can cause cervical cancer. They will also make you do a urine test to see if you have other STDs such as Syphilis, Chlamydia, etc.

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