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Re: Do I have any STD?

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post

Did you get a blood test done yet? You need to do that as soon as you can. You have to realise were are astrology students here, not medical students or doctors.

Per the Horary chart, Moon is not in the 6th, but did separate from Mars in a square. Moon is strong and its next aspect will be to Jup, so no, I do not think you do, but I am no authority on this. Get yourself tested by a doctor.

Also, as said on the previous thread, being sensible and taking precautions is everything. Otherwise you are playing with your life and only you yourself are to blame if you don't think before you take action. You cannot reverse things in life.
Thank you aquarius7000
Yes ,you were right , I will be more careful.
May I ask you one more thing,as you're competent member,I will discuss a thing with you.
I think my chart is very open to Stds.
Mars already opposite 8th house ruler saturn.
Do you think the same ? I have had research and I found aids things about mars and saturn.
And my transits of the day of the intercourse
venus activates my opposition.
I will go doctor 1 week later but I am curious if my determination is true or not.
thank you for your all help.
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