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Re: Synastry : Lilith conj Moon & Jupiter conj Lilith Help!

Originally Posted by pataphysicienne View Post

Hello everyone!

I've been studying astrology for a while now, but i'm still struggling to understand the impact of Lilith in synastry.

I'm looking at this chart where Partner 1 has the Moon conjunct Partner 2's Lilith at 24 Cancer.
And Partner 2 has his Jupiter conjunct Partner 1's Lilith (and Neptune and Juno!!) in Capricorn.

(Btw Partner 1 is a Woman, Partner 2 is a Man...)

I wanted to know if the influence of Lilith will have only a detrimental influence on the partnership, or if it also can bring transformative qualities to it. I would appreciate to learn how Lilith works with the energy of the Moon and Jupiter, respectively.

Book suggestions are also welcome!

Thank you very much,
I need Lilith information too ,like you!
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