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Re: I like her a lot and she likes me, but I'm afraid it's a bad idea :(

"This combination of the Sun and the asteroid Chiron is a difficult one, presenting both %1 and %2 with the challenge of reassessing their life goals in order that they may head in new directions. This relationship is a significant one enabling both %1 and %2 to grow and change, but only after some soul searching. As a result of this union %1 may discover new talents and a new sense of self and %2 may find a new role as a teacher or healer. However, initially they have to overcome old hurts which stand in the way of honest communication. The path to greater self-understanding is not always smooth and this relationship is one of the lessons on the journey. Through delving into past hurts, this union can be a healing one and through each other %1 and %2 can learn valuable lessons. It is important that %1 and %2 develop compassion and understanding for each other. Otherwise they may unwittingly contribute to further emotional pain." Lol first result. Guess that can coincide with my experience. There's been flat out honesty on both our parts about everything though. I've already told her more than almost anyone
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