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Re: Bullying

There are two threads currently about bullying and I can't remember if it was this one or the other one, but there was a post that said those people with charts that do not want to be controlled naturally become outsider's and prone to bullying and this is my experience. Uranus makes a significant aspect in my chart which causes me to 'march to the beat of my own drum,' and then I also have Neptune making a major aspect and this causes me to have weak boundaries and just not want to stand up for myself.

It is a recipe for disaster really although I do believe that Pluto can be the abuser and the abused too and I like someone else's explanation that, say for example with Pluto, you either project being a bully yourself or have it projected back to you. It might be similar to Neptune in that way that it is all about learning boundaries. With Pluto, it is more capable of being an a**hole so people stay away than Neptune is, but I know plenty of Scorpio's who are extremely cowardly when confronted, but can be devious, extremely selfish and manipulative people, who need to be confronted, but are master at evading it.

Anyway, I was bullied by my own family. They felt sorry for themselves and wanted someone to blame even if it meant me becoming depressed and suicidal. It is all projection. I would need to check the charts of them all but from the charts I have seen of them, they do not have Uranus in them. None of them acted like outsider's but were the opposite, concerned with status and appearances, and all had strong Pluto, one with a strong Pluto and Saturn, which might be the being concerned about status part. One of them had Sun conjunct Mars too. I bet you none of them see themselves as the bad guy, even if deep down they feel guilty about it. I survived it and now it is my responsibility to learn forgiveness or I will kill myself. Forgiveness and boundaries.

This is a very serious issue though. It happens all the time and having been bullied by my own family members, I have become very aware of it. Take these famous examples to see how prevalent it is -

It was previously mentioned that Donald Trump said he was bullied by his Father and it was implied that is why he is a bully but do you know the example of Fred Trump Junior? Donald Trump has himself admitted that his Father and him were too hard on Fred and this caused his alcoholism and premature death. His Mother described Fred as a 'dolphin born into a family of sharks.'

I was watching a programme on (UK) TV a couple of months ago called Celebirty SAS: Who Dares Wins. Basically it is the celebrity version of the programme that is a crash course of a few weeks in SAS training. Part of the concept involved being interviewed by former SAS members because they say it is not just about your physical ability but mostly about your mental strength. One of the celebrities in the most recent series was an ex-footballer called 'John Fashanu.' During his interview, he admitted his family and himself bullied and harassed his brother for coming out as gay, even though he had paid him a large amount of money not to but because his brother cam out anyway, he was disowned by the family. I suspect he was not only disowned, which implies being left alone, but was shamed and humiliated until he killed himself. John Fashanu appeared to regret his actions but at the same time you could tell he lacked empathy for his brother and saw his suicide as his brother's mistake.

I have not even deliberately researched celebrity exampled of bullying but have just came across this information randomly and recognized it as a phenomenon because of my own experience with bullying. Not only was I bullied by my family but I have been attacked for years by other people, maybe because I now carry a vulnerability with me forever and they can sense it, or maybe because of my Uranian 'cant be controlled' energy.

The planets are definitely conscious and there is never a blanket answer for what causes bullying or to be bullied because the universe is complicated, but there will definitely be patterns. But on a spiritual level it is connected to ego and being unconscious and those who are bullied stand out because they are more conscious and therefore less attached to their ego. It is a battle between darkness and Light.

I bet you there are millions examples of suicides which are related to bullying. In fact, who are suicidal people but victims of aggression from other people that they can't transcend? Because me being bullied happened from a young age, it has gotten under my skin and I am more sensitive than most people but part of what gives me strength is a few things. One thing is I will transcend my pain and be a voice for those who suicided themselves. And the other is, that bullying made me into a nicer person. I think I would be arrogant and selfish and ignorant without having being bullied, and not wise or deep or old-soul-ish.

I have also been a bully too. It was in primary (elementary) school and everyone was mean to this one girl, and there was a ring leader, but we were all part of it. I ended up becoming friends with her in high school though, as did a few of the other girls. But I also have it in my personality to be dominant, even if it can't stand up to a real threat, but I do have a side of me that will want to dominate. Thank goodness I have been bullied to add some temperance to my personality.

One last thing, we all think we are the hero. It is much harder to see someone who doesn't like you and see their perception of you and accept it. That is very important for shadow work and to help transcend darkness, to see our own darkness. If we all work on this then it may help life the vibration. ISIS, the terrorist organisation, will see America as the enemy who is attacking their country and they are the underdog attempting to stand up for itself, it is even a common theme in American movies to be on the side of the underdog, yet America sees itself as the hero defending itself from outside alien forces.

One last thing, I saw a video recently that has stuck with me. It was of a tiger filmed in a circus jumping through rings of fire, when it suddenly had a seizure and started shaking then went stiff. The ringleader (!) threw buckets of water over it until it regained consciousness and it was led out of the ring. That is bullying too. Bullying/narcissism it is unconscious behaviour, low vibe and dark. The fact it is unconscious means the person is spiritually not 'awake' and unaware of their behaviour. That is another reason to become aware of your darkness. But about the tiger, it is a cruel, cruel world. There is a lot of darkness and bullying happening in this world. Talking about a time when you were briefly bullied is not half as dark as it can get. The examples of celebrity suicide's and animal abuse are just a couple examples of this.

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