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Re: How would you interpret my chart?

Originally Posted by SunConjunctUranus View Post
Disclaimer: Birth time may unreliable, so don't expect the precision!

This native known as emotional person!

Financial/property is difficult earlier on native life, and make the native work hard to gain financial/property than any others around the native.

Massive financial/property will acquired through motherhood type of work!

Marrying a lower status partner [depending on native gender and/or sexual orientation].

The native should take care the relationship with the siblings and younger people!

Good luck

I don't know if people know me as an emotional person. Maybe in the past, not so much now.

What do you mean by motherhood type work?

So a man and a woman with my chart would have different marriage outcomes? Depending on which planet represents the spouse and which represents the self?

Do you mean I should be caring with siblings and younger people or that I should be cautious? Or that I already am caring or cautious?
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