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Re: How would you interpret my chart?

in reply to the above ...
which aspects - almost all of them. But in particular, how your conjunctions are in opposition to each other, and then they also aspect your 11th & 12th house planets in a harmonious way.

I can see from those big conjunctions that oppose each other, that if you let yourself get fully immersed in your deeper thoughts/feelings and write about them, the writing will happen, but you are very likely become overwhelmed, as you've said.
I am wondering, in retrospect, at those times when you were able to balance your 'responsible student' with your 'artistic' self, when you were organising exhibitions, were your emotions not as overwhelming, and was your depression not so much a problem during that period?
My impression is that the more you can find balance with those oppositions in your natal chart, the less overwhelmed you will feel.

Regarding the UN conference, is it at the end of January or early February?
I'd be interested to read your updates as this year progresses.

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