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Re: How would you interpret my chart?

Originally Posted by Amit89 View Post
With your moon conjuct Pluto in sagg In the 9th you require broad minded things, you are broad minded and I feel you dislike small talk.

You need mental and intellectual stimulation also with the sun in the 3rd. You enjoy doing your own thing and require freedom.

You are a student of life and have a thirst for intellectual things.

I will come back for more.
I do need mental and intellectual stimulation. I like learning a lot and many people find it intense just how much I want to talk about the things I'm interested in. But I don't like small talk. I've learn to employ it because of it's utility but I have to think of it as a game like pointless word soccer.

I need freedom quite a bit. I like being alone and need to be able to think for myself. I hate people who are authoritarian or unfair. I only submit to leadership that I think is worthy and in alignment with my own causes.
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