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Re: How would you interpret my chart?

Hopefully someone far more skilled will come along and offer their advice. I do find your chart very interesting, particularly how the planets lie in aspect to each other.

Which aspects?

Are you very creative?

Yes. Very. Although I doubt it sometimes. I'm currently a visual art major.

Do you write? maybe poetry or songs?

Yes. I write poetry and song lyrics. I self-published a poetry collection when I was in high school. I've always wanted to be in a band but it hasn't happened yet.

Do you have times of writing deeply about what you believe in, but maybe not as passionately as you would like to? Do your emotions get in the way sometimes, as well?

I oscillate between not being able to feel my feelings at all and being inundated with them. I've written very passionate things when depressed, but I don't want to be depressed anymore. So I deal with the side effects of my medications even if I might feel less and I've been making that compromise for several years now.

There were times when I was too depressed to write or paint.

Do you find that you can either be creative, or you can be organised and have a regular job, but not both at the same time?

I've been both the responsible student and the artist at different points of my life but not usually at the same time. I find the problem is more about the psychology of juggling two archetypes than it is practical. But I've made it work sometimes, like planning exhibitions which requires both together.

With Pluto transiting your 11th house, and having been passing back and forth over your natal Jupiter for the last couple of years, I imagine you've had quite a few journeys over that time that are related to your ideals, including the people you meet who have similar aims/passions.

I went back to university after dropping out. One of my prime reasons for going was to meet people who shared my passions. I can learn on my own but I can't replace other people with books. Not forever. I also want to be a professor one day.

In addition, with Jupiter recently having transited your natal Pluto and Moon, what universal and emotional discoveries that you've made, I'm sure are interesting. Though I wonder if you've been struggling to be able to communicate them?

Some of the things I've been through I can't explain without getting pity or confusion. I've restructured my entire personality from the ground up. It's a very intimate process and I don't want to let people in too close because I don't want them to pick apart something I've though so hard about. If it was just philosophy it would be one thing, but it's my actual being.

Also, with Uranus having recently moved into your 2nd house, have there been some unexpected happenings with finance?

I bought a blue suit for a wedding. I really shouldn't have. I already have a black suit and I don't need more than one. I'm usually responsible with money and not prone to impulse buy.

More immediately, Jupiter is coming up towards your MC, do you have some kind of a presentation or interview or similar in the coming weeks? If you haven't seen something yet, are you looking out for it? It could be something that is being initiated in the coming weeks and might come to fruition in the second half of the year. It'll be interesting to read your updates on this.

I have a Model United Nations conference. I'm not sure if I want to do Model UN anymore because of anxiety that it's taking time and energy I could be using on my art practice or on school work. I think I'm not good enough. I was pondering quitting but I realized that this one was coming up and it's in my city so I don't have to spend money or energy travelling.
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