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Re: The moon over London

I appreciate your candidness. I suppose I find it all a bit too decreed, dogmatic or something the idea of all these people deciding or not on gifts of prophecy. My own view is more in line with just be aware it can happen to anyone anytime if they are open to the experience. I am also wary of the ego that comes with gifts which then just as quickly hides them. I wonder if a person is decreed prophet whether they think it is their job to live up to it rather than just experience whatever is experienced and so tends to make things up because that is what is expected og them. I do not intend to say your point of view is not valid at all. I am sharing my own position which may be a little different to yours. I sound a bit skeptic, not in the perception of what is possible but in how it is regarded I think. Though all things change....

Love & Light
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