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Re: The moon over London

Hey, I was born exactly a year after you 10 Dec 1965 caerleon UK 4.21pm.!!

You must have Mars in Cap too, same as me. Princess Diana had an Aquarius Moon if that means anything, can show detachment from emotion yet conversely compassion for the masses. Also another thread reminds us of Aquarius as the Cosmic Human. Chiron and Saturn may have some strong contacts for you also. Do the outer planets touch your sun and moon by aspect. That can show how in touch you are with what is going on out there. Neptune also contacts almost all my planets all except mercury and north node. Lucky me has Pluto/Uranus sq Sun, I am being sarcastic, it is a difficult energy to handle.

Ask and you shall receive though so if you want it you can have it. But beware it may not be in your highest interest. We are all psychic and have the capacity for prophecy, some see it others dont. I always ask for that which is in my highest interest, helps my ego from sabotaging my creations.

Love & Light
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