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Re: Will X's family ever acknowledge my contribution?

Hi all,

OK Reviewing Mercury as the ruler of the 11th, things don't seem to change much -- no aspects to Sun or Moon there either.

I am noticing, however, a sort of remarkable set of conjunctions to my natal chart, I know these are not traditional horary considerations, but I wonder if they might open further information on the subject as a whole?

These are:

The 11th house ruler Mercury is conjunct my natal Ascendant.
The Leo ascendant of the horary chart is exactly conjunct my natal moon, which is followed closely by a Uranus-N Node conjunction.
The Libra horary moon is conjunct my natal sun in a 3 degree orb.
Natal cluster of Mars-Mercury-Neptune in Scorpio is conjunct the horary IM.

I would not put weight on this so much, except for the heavy Sun-Moon-Asc involvement, as well as the impacts on the 3rd house of letters.

As comedians say, "Is this anything?"

Thank you. This is helpful!

NOTE: I have just noticed the warning against posting non-horary Q's on this thread. I apologize if this post pushes the boundary. I am wondering though if there are uses for further information from a horary transit moment, which IS, in its way, a horary Q. (?)


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