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Re: Will X's family ever acknowledge my contribution?

Iwould just open by mentioning that horary does not answer "ever" questions, like you have posed here. Horary addresses a matter in a certain time period.

So given that, let's just say yours is the foreseeable future, unless you had some else in your mind that you did not specify here.

You are Sun.
I see your late ex-lover as the 7th.
His parents are the 4th from the 7th or the 10th, so ruled by Venus.

Venus/parents do not aspect Sun/you, but rather the are moving away from you. There is no aspect between Sun Venus for quite some some time, so no coming together between you and the parents.

Moon, as your co-significator and also as an indicator of the question's unfolding, applies to trine Venus but meets Saturn first. So there is a impedance there as well.

These indicators suggest to me that the kind of coming together that would incline the parents to acknowledge you or your work is not likely in the foreseeable future.

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