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Just Joined

Hello everyone,

I have just come across this group and registered, and am pleased by all the resources and discussion available here!

I studied astrology rather intensively many, many years ago -- I had quite an astro-library, and went through piles of large tablets drawing out charts, which I really enjoyed, as a method of focusing on the matter at hand. Unfortunately, after some years, I discovered that all along I had the wrong birth time on my natal chart (!), and became completely disenchanted. I moved on to other interests, and eventually gave away my library to a friend, who was thrilled.

Fast way forward, record scratch, I am now in an attempt to drag myself out of a very long-standing sunken state, and am inspired to return to study of the planets. Although I have been following transits for a while now, I have recently picked up on horary, with an attitude of moving on and letting go, once and for all. It is not only a personal interest, of course, but also a way of relating to the larger universe in a more active way.

I have a lot to review -- I have forgotten so much of what was second nature back in the day, but I look forward to studies to come, and what community and teaching I might find here.

All the best,
"Miss Kitty"

ps I am a Libra Sun, Leo moon, Gemini Asc.
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