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Re: i feel like i don't know myself, any insights?

Originally Posted by HonourAndDevotion View Post
when your sun and mars natures are contradictive.

Sun is very neptunian
mars is close to mc where it is powerful with pluto
even your sun dispositor saturn is opposing to 10th house. bad placement for saturn.

overall it's just neptune's bad effect, you actually have zero water, you got personals in saturn signs. you even got mercury saturn mutual reception and mercury chiron conjunction. still feeling delusion with all of these could be explained only with Pisces rising and weak 12th house sun.

maybe your mom is dominant over you (moon in 1st house)

maybe your father is gone or uncaring, why it is in 12th house?
thank you very much for your knowledgeable reply! about the mother & father part, with my mother she's been a bit distant because of her personal problems which she mostly took out on me (which consequently had a big toll on me, so i guess that could be her being dominant over me) but with my father he's always been very attentive and loving, though we have always clashed (he's a bit of an astrology nerd himself, so he puts it down to something to do with the planets ) which has made our relationship a bit rocky, and him less caring than he might have meant to be. so i see why that might be! it's so interesting how that translates to my chart. thanks again
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