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Re: i feel like i don't know myself, any insights?

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
You have much to look forward to and you have remarkable strengths, but you are probably very depressed, and you are troubled by the contrast in your various characteristics.

For instance, Sun-conjunct-Neptune in Twelfth House is square to the midpoint of the Mars-Jupiter trine, so you have a great capacity for compassion and mystical sight. Many people will find you easy-to-be-with, but you will benefit greatly by taking time every day to retreat and meditate or pray.

On the other hand, the Mars-Pluto conjunction on your midheaven signals that you either bully people or you trample on their susceptibilities. Such Pluto aspects can be very transforming, and you may rise high above this tendency if you master the Pluto energy you possess. I think you will assume a role that is rather like a spiritual leader. Large-scale success is possible, but you are inhibited.

However, I think your depression is very serious and you should consider professional counseling by those who are expert at dealing with depression. This is signaled by Sun-Neptune from the Twelfth House squared to Moon-Saturn square midpoint and also Pluto-Mars opposed to Saturn.

You are sometimes tempted to be a non-entity because you are distressed by your constructive-destructive impulses.
thank you so much! this is super helpful. you have basically described the few things i truly am aware of about myself. i am actually considering counselling for depression and i have been told that i am easy to get along with. even the thing with the bullying is very true to character (unfortunately) and it was very nice to see it reflect to my chart as well. thank you so much for your wonderful insight!
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