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Re: Cancer Independence Days

Don't forget the fact Cancer is cardinal water. There's a facet of independence inherent in cardinality mixed with water, independence of self and desire to express one's ideals and in a way, bring them into tangible reality forming a poetic crosspoint to the opposing Earth element. Cardinal water = very spiritually charged action and creation which could include destruction of what came before for the sake of bringing in something new

Also, Cancer isn't geared toward group security. It's more likely to steer away from the group entirely to find security in the self. So if security has anything to do with independence of nations, it's about creating an environment that's more liberating and free as Cancer(ruled by the moon) is a highly spiritual and intuitive sign so the state of things may not suit it. Cardinality and that emotionally charged water gears it more toward either causing mass change in the external, or retreating into the internal. Not group security

Picture it like a bomb building up internally until it must destroy its shell, march boldly into the external world, and spur that massive change

You really have to go down to the bare essential facets of signs rather than looking at stereotypes. Cancer= cardinal water. So what is the energy of cardinal water beyond all stereotypes? Cardinal is actually leadership energy, desire to DO something, change something, start something new, create. Water is soulful, emotional, mostly inclined to be calm. But mixed with cardinality? It's about spiritually charged creation and seeking liberation of the soul so it can breathe

And... Cancer isn't about physical home, it's about spiritual home. It's not about security, it's about liberation of spirit. People often speak of Cancer as if it's an Earth sign. It's a water sign. So if it seeks security, what is that security? It's about the spirit. So this plays into seeking of independence on a grand level as often the external world can feel constricting to Cancerian energy which eventually spurs it into action to change something so that it can breathe

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