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Re: Will I lose this weight??

Ok - to everyone being like all you need to do is diet and exercise.It's not that simple - yes that's the only way to lose weight,but it is possible to be emotionally tied to food and lose control. If it was that simple everyone with new year's resolutions to drop X pounds could do it - but a lot of it is willpower and discipline, and being in the right state of mind.

I'm emotionally dependent on food,and while I'm at a normal weight, struggling to not eat my favourite dishes is hard.

Not sure if it's of any help,but I lost weight when I had a heavy Saturn transit and when pluto hit my ascendant it resulted in a transformation of how I looked/took a mental toll though.

I had gained a lot of weight a few years ago when Jupiter made an aspect to my planets (can't remember which one). Diet and exercise is the answer, but you could also have medical problems related to the thyroid which could slow you down.

my weight loss has slowed down as I work 18 hour days and while I'm sure I can fit in a 30 min workout - it was easier when I had more time

Good luck Sag Rising and I hope you reach your goal !
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