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Re: Help, tripple whammy Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!

Dear Zora, thank you VERY much for your great analysis. These are all great points you shared, and I'll study each one - as they merit deep thinking. One last question: in your text I saw Neptune (and the other planets) as fulfilling the natal chart promise. Since people dread Neptune, let me confirm with you once more:

Since Neptune in my chart represents 5th house (creativity, children) and is found in my 2nd house (income), his transit in 6th house conj Sun, Mercury, Chiron will activate these 5th house and 2nd house trends. He will inspire me to advocate for children, through creativity (my life dream), but will not cause a health issue to me, since this trend is not part of the natal chart promise. Correct?

Thanks very much.
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