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Re: Help, tripple whammy Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!

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With mars ruling health and work house 6th and ruling 7th house - being in taurus - you are more a teamplayer- as planets in taurus live under the motto of "together we are strong". But with ruler of 6th house in 7th house you are also able to heal or to help people you encounter professionally- if you have first developped your skills for.
Your natal mars ruling your 6th house - is actually conjuncted by transit-uranus by conj. for a considerable change in your work/job or health area - lasting until next year - a good chance to change your job and to find a new one. But mars also rules your 7th house - relationships and to attract a new partner- this matter is activated- too - for a change.

And mars is same time energyzed and challenged by square by transit saturn. While your natal saturn is still squared by transit saturn itself -- co ruling your intercepted cap in 3rd house - a mental skill you are born with- but also house of siblings and neighbours.

Your natal uranus is still transit activated by transit saturn by trine- a good chance and support for a relocation.

And your pisces northnode in 5th house- creativity and fated love and romance affairs - is sextile supported by transit uranus until next year.

This year is already busy for you - and your coming future is always created in the here and now..
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