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Re: Help, tripple whammy Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!

Originally Posted by Cleopatra1 View Post
Hi everyone.
Do you have planets in the first degrees of Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) or Fixed signs (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus)?
In the future we will experience a critical time in our lives with important planets shaping double or tripple whammies.

Please share your experience, and help figure out what to expect in my case:
My natal Neptune trines Sun, Mercury, and Chiron. Natal Uranus opposes Sun, Mercury, and Chiron. Natal Pluto quincunxes Sun, Mercury, and Chiron (yes, I am an author/researcher with plutonian, uranian, neptunian aspects).
In the near future Transiting Neptune will conjunct Sun, Mercury, and Chiron.
Also, Progressed Sun will oppose my natal Neptune.

At the same time, transiting Pluto will square my Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio), but also square Saturn and Mars in Taurus, and oppose Midheaven.

The weirdest thing is, my Progressed Sun will enter the 8th house (more Pluto and Scorpio influence) AND my Progressed Moon will conjunct Neptune.
All this would be scary, but there are some positive aspects too:
Transiting Pluto will sextile my Sun, Mercury and Chiron (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?).
Transiting Uranus will conjunct my Progressed Sun in Gemini 8th house, AND trine my natal Uranus, AND sextile natal Sun. (Very Uranian, inspirational influence)

In short, the three slowest planets, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, which affect my natal Sun and Moon, will trigger all the oppositions I have in this SeeSaw (many oppositions) chart.

All of these planets changing signs will signify a major event - so I wonder if we should expect some geopolitical or covid-related events that will trigger action for a lot of us. In this case, as you see my chart, do you see me as a passive victim of circumstances, or an active player, e.g. more active in helping people through my work?

Please share your own experiences!

I'm a little confused. TR Neptune doesn't begin conjunction with your Sun until May 2026. I would not say this is the near-future, but maybe you consider it near enough. With Transits and progressions, we generally use 1 degree orbs.

Transits from Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are not always felt. Usaully, if we are doing what they ask of us, it can go smoothly. These are not squares or oppositions either. The squares or oppositions can be much more felt being hard and frictional in nature.

It's true that when we have a stellium or group of planets that transits can come along and stimulate them all in a short period of time - and a person might feel impacted all at once.

In December 2024 - TR Pluto will begin conjunction to your IC - and I think that is something you might feel - as it is your most inner, private self - and you might feel like moving or traveling - making a change - either internal or external. Other than that, these aspects are soft ones to your Sun stellium - except when Neptune conjuncts them. Neptune conjuncting them could truly give you inspiration, creativity, and a better connection with Soul-Spirit - as that what it asks of us. I think the big event is going to be Pluto on IC - at least with what I can see with a quick look at your chart.
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