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Originally Posted by StarsAndAstrology View Post
what malefic influences are present on the 7th house? Before you rev up the fear factor lets understand your rationale....
Originally Posted by StarsAndAstrology View Post
Really?!malefic influences on the 8th will cause delays in marriage.
Please read some books on astrology or get a good Guru for yourself before you about about spewing any more rubbish and nonsense.
Originally Posted by StarsAndAstrology View Post
I dont have a problem with folks discussing and learning from each other. I have a problem with folks revving up the fear factor to scare vulnerable people.Period.
Go look me up (Gautam Kapur Astrology) and let me know if you'd like to learn. Come with humility rather than sarcasm. I mean it.
And I dont teach hidden unknown faces since I put myself out there.
Originally Posted by StarsAndAstrology View Post
Didnt I tell you not to spew all this nonsense. The 8th house is the most malefic planet in a horoscope. It is the house of death.
And you're corelating marriage to this house.
Do me a favor and bring out the Shloka that Parashar writes for 8th house and marriage.
Originally Posted by StarsAndAstrology View Post
Didnt you quote Parashar? Now show me the shloka that Parashar said about the 8th house and marriage. Its easy to talk the talk...
Dont respond if you cant show us the shloka...

The very 1st etiquette of a well learned and wise astrologer and that too, for a Vedic astrologer is humility.... I do certainly agree that if something appears to be against the defined sacred norms.... it's natural for people to get insane.... the one who overlooks this fact beyond the normal scenario gets to know the reality....

I do really and heartfully appreciate your harmony in learning from others.... how come a soul with such divine quality charges on another divine soul with much hatred and rage....

Your passion for astrology ( gifted by divine to all of us ) a much motivational factor in deed for novice soul's like me....

it's your liberty to challenge someone in any field you are passionate about.... had it been done in a amicable way it would have been a great learning on astrology to all of us who are very passionate about it ....

You are much senior to me in age ( also at Guru's grade ) and having intervened in your path would in deed be a great sin as per the defined DHARMA....

In no way I could evade or safe guard myself from it's consequences.... but do let me take it with much happiness if my sinful act leads to harmony for the world around and much pain for my soul.... The great Lord krishna in Srimat Bhagavad Gita also demonstrated this act.... Albeit, what he did is DHARMA still he did accept Gandhari's( Mother of Gaurava's clan) curse ( Lead to the ultimate devastation of his Yadhava clan ) with much love

Finally, I really owe you my humble apology and gratitude in all 360 degree perspectives for tress passing in your domain.... but, kindly do consider to enlighten all of us with a magnificent astrology discussion ahead in harmony

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