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Re: Will I be able to get the scholarship?

Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post
Dear hi and i hope to get your scholarship! I will realy want to know how things will go in your matter.
Here are some of my thoughts in your question and your chart!

Saturn (you), in a very strong position. But it is in the early Critical Degree of . So I would say that you are in crisis on the issue you are negotiating. its not easy. Also in that house shows us that you cant do much about the hole situation.
the fact that you are not in a position to do something about the situation is also apparent from Sun that you () fall with a antiscia on , and when it will change position, again, you will be under his influence.

The Sun generally symbolizes prestigious people with power and sovereignty. In your chart is also the ruler 7th house. (colleagues, the others)
If we take one way - that is, - Mercury 8th the second from the 7th (the economics of the others), we will see that a little ***** their finances and weak enough to support any. is retro shows delays and change of situations.

Now in your 1st house you have a Moon (7th again, the others), which shows the negotiations and the contact with the services on your subject. First, this Moon (who loves Saturn), But it is in detriment of the Sun (with antiscia is on him exactly), is going to catch Mercury, But first will find Mars with a square, and this Mars is in the fall of this Moon and Venus (university). Venus is combust from the Sun. So, I think, there will be problems and obstacles during this effort.

On the other hand, iam thinking the other way,
I see this Jupiter, pinned directly on the 10th house. also represents your own money but also the money of the govermant (2th from the 10th house) this Jupiter is in the fall of the Moon and in the detriment of Venus (university).
And Saturn here in critical degree and in the detriment of the Moon. The money stays in there because Mars get involed.

hope the best for you and i hope to get your scholarship. I will be waiting for your news.
My best wishes and merry Christmas
Thank you very much for taking the time, looking at my birth chart and giving a detailed answer. I deeply appreciate it.

I have decided to delay the application for scholarship until next year. I haven't made enough money, and I am intending to graduate from my current university.
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