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Re: where can i learn more about astrology online?

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post

Another interesting approach
the training based on astrological methods of 17th century Morin de Villefranche
as taught by Zoltan Mason of New York.
A perspective which views the chart as a whole integrated unit.
ONLINE Teaching offered of interpretation skills required to create an image of the person
and to detect their motivations and drives
Thanks for the tip! I've placed more weight upon the methods used by astrologers that I have personally found to be perceptive. It may be a case of the astrologer and not the school of thought but I had a reading done by a Morin leaning astrologer and I found that she put too much emphasis on the ascendant. I frankly think she missed me entirely.

The astrologer that has seen me the best and really cut through the B.S. as it were was an astrologer that said she studied a 3 dimensional type of astrology. I never found out what it was but it was due to that reading that I am studying it for myself today. It so impressed me that I decided I wanted to learn. Do you know how I can learn this type of astrology? She said that the chart was not in a single plane, thats what the 3D means.

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