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Re: where can i learn more about astrology online?

Originally Posted by HarmonE View Post

...I do find though that I am maybe too amateur at this point to take it all in
and sift through it to decide what I find to be more helpful.

It is pretty daunting

to not just try to understand differing viewpoints within one branch of astrology

but then

when you consider vedic, traditional, modern, chinese, sidereal etc.

it can be slightly overwhelming.
I do love this forum though as it offers a chance to hear from so many perspectives
and that is allowing me to explore more if I want to.

Another interesting approach
the training based on astrological methods of 17th century Morin de Villefranche
as taught by Zoltan Mason of New York.
A perspective which views the chart as a whole integrated unit.
ONLINE Teaching offered of interpretation skills required to create an image of the person
and to detect their motivations and drives
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