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Re: Help with understanding asteroids In first house!:)

Originally Posted by Domna View Post
Are they conjunct the Ascendant, or closely conjunct (preferably by <1 degree, 2 degrees at the most) any other planet or point? Imo asteroids gain importance from what they touch, if they don't touch anything their influence is marginal at best.
Hello thank-you so much for the reply! <3 Okay i just checked on the aspects i have is medusa trine my midheaven at 2 13 orb, medusa conjunct my first house moon at 3 26 orb, medusa sextile true node at 0 36 orb, medusa semi square sun at 0 30 orb, medusa trine saturn at 4 51 orb. Circe conjunct first house pluto at 1 36 orb, circe sextile neptune at 045 orb, circe conjunct moon at 4 02 orb, circe trine saturn at 2 37 orb.
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