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Re: Capricorn darkest sign?

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
Yes, and it's based on how we interpret the laws of nature. Do we have any proof that any laws at all exist outside our subjective interpretations and desire to find patterns in the world around us?

Humans are all subjective because no matter what, you cannot escape the fact that all you see is based purely in our individual perception, not anything you can say with certainty is actually objective truth

The reason why science isn't objective truth is because it's all based on laws and logic and empiricism we assume don't just exist solely in our brains

It's a collective, agreeable, evidence-based, factual interpretation of the laws of nature, unless someone provides further factual-evidence based interpretation. It's not subjective, it is objective.

Yes we have proof because all we are all in subjective agreement of the natural world, making it objective. It doesn't matter whether it just exists in our brains, because the evidence shows it exists within the physical dimension around us, as we are all in this same dimension and agree on the same thing.

Mathematics and science has allowed us to tinker and edit the world around us, that's fact.

Just what exactly are you getting at. Let's take a break from science, and lets here you personal interpretations of reality and what it all means, and don't give me its all meaningless.
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