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Re: Capricorn darkest sign?

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
I don't see how an integration of facts and logic cannot result in a positive or an optimistic outlook if the situation calls for it - the key is to have a measured view of a situation so that one sees where the negatives lie and where in the situation one can effect a positive or more favourable outcome in favour of an overarching objective that one deems fit to pursue. A nuanced view of a situation is one that can incorporate a cold hard look at what is wrong, as well as an ability not to throw out the baby with the bathwater - finding ways to appreciate that the silver lining is just as valid and relevant to the "reality" - and sometimes even that the there is more than a silver lining to the situation that a too pessimistic attitude will blind one too.

The truth hurts is a saying - but the way the truth hurts doesn't always come from the fact that the "truth" is a negative.

One might be disappointed in the fact that they are really a compassionate and polite person who doesn't like to rock the boat, where they would have liked to be the total badass that can silence a room with their presence.

People hide from the good as much as they hide from the bad - and even more so when being bad is fashionable.

Cliff notes - the truth is nuanced, neither too optimistic or too pessimistic, and I don't agree that pessimism is more closer to the truth. Pessimism may lead to less disappointment because one doesn't have their hopes set high, but pessimism can blind one to what is really true and possible because of its preemptive defensiveness.

Most people can't handle the truth because they are too busy trying to be optimistic, the world around them is filtered through how they feel.

I agree though. I think the context here is that capricorn is pessimistic because they are trying to climb up the mountain to greatness and their hopes are way too high where they cant see the path.
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