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Re: Capricorn darkest sign?

When people say scorpio is the darkest sign, they really have no clue how dark capricorn is... Cap is the darkest sign, there isn't anything that compares....It's the darkest time of year too, the ancients interpreted Dec 25 as the day the sun dies, and the new one starts. Cap also represents the darkside of the moon too.

However, that said, the devil is not capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign. Human beings are of the earth element. The devil is made of fire, that's why he was the "light bringer" and he showed immense pride. Capricorn is actually a sign that has a deep connection with religion, culture, tradition.

So in the philosophical context, dark represents the yin, the feminine of the yin and yang.

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
How is that pessimistic as opposed to realistic? A pessimist might be inclined to be anxiety riddled at the start of the day because he is almost expecting the worse out of experience - seeing ghosts where they don't exist. I don't find that approach to be that realistic either.

Pessimist leans more to a realist if the facts and logic are integreted, seeing the negative and dealing with that. The truth hurts is the saying.
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