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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

President Trump gave one of his best speeches ever followed by a short fireworks display. He spoke for about 2 hrs and was magnificent & very funny too. Love it when he calls out the fake news & they quickly shut off the cameras.

He was really fired up. That's the energy! Wow! Blitzed the radical, lunatic left Marxist Dems and scorched fake prezzy O'Biden. Went hard on the criminal Fauci too.

Astrology doesn't lie. MH. Great prominence, promotion & success with the world and recognition as a great leader. Wow. Can't get over how amazing his speech was. President Trump is at the pinnacle with more popularity now than even before.

There were over 500,000 viewers at RSBNetork who have been following Trump since 2015 with one man & a camera (seriously). Now, they've grown into a very big network & they were thrilled that he gave them a special shout out.
They are entirely funded by Patriots.

TRUMP RALLY: Photos from Sarasota — 20,000 in Attendance at 3 PM for 8 PM Rally — 125,000 Watching Live Hour Before Trump Speech — It’s Pouring and NOT ONE PERSON Has Left — PHOTOS


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I've read Solar Eclipses to natal planets represent challenges and changes.
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