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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

I had to pop in here quickly as the astrology in President Trump's chart is manifesting exactly as I predicted.

W I N N I N G year


With both prominent in the Solar Return, his free-speech, social media platform (which cannot be taken down by the big tech overlords as it's entirely private.)

Gettr officially launches July 4th (Freedom Day). On July 7th, with President Trump will be giving a public announcement on the 1st Amendment. More great news.


Recent decisions by SCOTUS are big wins for Conservatives, Religious groups and the Republican Party including the very important decision just passed to reverse the 9th Circuit decision in 2016 which allowed the massive fraud to go ahead in the 2020 election. Democrats are PI**ED beyond belief that SCOTUS ruled that they can no longer 'ballot-harvest', allow non-citizens to vote, allow people to vote without I.D. and 'phantom voters' ballots will be rejected.
Justice is back baby!

Here's the chart for the upcoming July 7th announcement.

Originally Posted by chay View Post
Regarding his Solar Return, looking at the major transits with the closest orbs Neptune square Sun, Uranus square Moon, Uranus sextile Venus, Saturn opposite Moon, Saturn sq Uranus. Looks like with Uranus sextile Venus he'll still be raking in love & money (online?) when he's getting arrested. Kronos tightly conjunct Daedalus can represent a leader being an artful dodger & definitely making an effort to dodge the law. Oh & take a look at the midpoints. He's in trouble & he's doing secret deals.
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