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Re: Solar Eclipse on President Trump's chart - astrology thread only

As predicted with the Solar Return SUN/MERCURY H10, a lot more visibility and communication with President Trump in the next year.

He has released several statements in the past week, including one where he will be visiting the border on June 30th with TX Gov Abbott to show his support for the border guards and other law enforcement who are no longer able to do their jobs because of Traitor Joe's 'open borders'. It's a complete disaster what's going on down there & neither Dem will visit. They are afraid to show the public what is really going on.

AND more SUN popularity and love. He's holding 4 rallies.

JUNE 16, 2021

45th President Donald J. Trump to Hold a Rally in Ohio

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a major rally in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 7:00PM EDT.

This Save America rally marks President Trumpís first of many appearances in support of candidates and causes that further the MAGA agenda and accomplishments of President Trumpís administration. The rally is to support Max Miller, who President Trump has endorsed for election in Ohioís 16th Congressional District.
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