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Try one more time to upload chart.

Mercury RX...UGH!

I had posted this video & just noticed it had been taken down. Why? It's a video that was made for his birthday on June 14th.

This is not the first time it's happened, posts of mine get removed with no reason or no explanation. I guess it's because I'm a Trump supporter.

But I had a whole thread on M.Markle & it was taken down with no reason. It was up for a month & no rules were broken but it was removed. There was a member who called me all kinds of derogatory names, I guess she didn't like what I posted about Markle....did she demand the thread be removed because she didn't like the topic?

Very strange moderation. Please, from now on, explain WHY you are removing my posts & threads as it's very unfair.

Thank you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From all of us! #gemini #june14

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