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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

I've had more time to study the Solar Return and the impact of the Solar Eclipse and it's looking more & more positive.

President Trump is already feeling the love from millions around the world but it gets better with Venus conjunct Sirius in 11th, House of Congress & the Senate....the legislative part of the gov't. It indicates great diplomacy and success in this area.

Jupiter is exactly conjunct DC which is an indicator of great luck in relationships, in marriage and here it' in a Trine to Sun in 10th. The love-fest for President Trump is massive around the world.

The Truth is coming out about how he was cheated out of an election he won in a landslide and how the corrupt media/big tech/Dems conspired to lie about him every day for 5 yrs because he's not a part of the satanic club. He came to drain the swamp and they really hate him for exposing their criminal & evil system.
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