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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

President Trump will no longer allow the fake news, big tech and the demonic Dems to suppress the Truth anymore.

Drip, drip, drip, it's all coming out gradually. Remember, Trump Alliance HAS IT ALL.

The Sun/Mercury Nodal aspects at the Zenith of his Solar Return.

He is rising higher & higher to VICTORY...and bringing the awakened, the honest, the true and the Patriots with him.

We The Media
Trump still has not conceded the election!

This is very important for what comes next.

You see, if AZ decertifies their results the ENTIRE election is now in question. Congress cannot certify election until ALL states have certified. Just like a state cannot certify unless 100% of their counties certify, the same is true of a national election with the states

As Trump hasn't conceded, he now has a right to contest the entire election and that will mean the remaining 49 states will have to conduct a full forensic audit as a result.

Why do you think so many states are visiting AZ for the audit right now, including states that supposedly already went Trump and didn't have contested election issues? They know what is coming.

Do you all remember prior to the 2018 election Trump signed an EO making national elections a matter of national security?

>>>Now put two and two together. If even ONE state shows fraud it calls into question the results
>>>of the entire election. Being a matter of national security now puts it under the purview of
>>>who as forensic audits are done state to state?

If you answered the military you are on the right track.
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