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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

The SE is so close to his birthday that I had a quick peek.

And his Solar Return confirms the huge success he will achieve in his birthday year.

Wow! There's SUN conj MC! Talk about Star Power and being recognized by the world.

We're already seeing it with Patriots pouring out their support for him.

SUN Trine JUPITER and more positive vibes.

With the MOON/MARS tight conjunction, President Trump is fighting back against the fake media, the corrupt politicians and the vile Big Tech who are still banning & censoring anyone who opposes the Dems/DS.

He's already issued a number of statements in the past couple of days slaying the liars and standing up for Truth & Justice.

There is one aspect, SUN/NEPTUNE that could relate to his health; he's not a spring chicken anymore but works harder than a 20 yr old. Or could be related to more propaganda and hate against him when he returns as POTUS. He won't slow down and with VENUS in 10th and 9th highlighted, he'll be travelling the world and enjoying great diplomacy and success.

He will have to 'undo' all the damage that the OBiden regime have done, incld securing the border again, re-negotiating with Iran to take away the billions that Dems gave them...again...and it's used to fund the Islamic terrorists. Obama gave them billions which funded Isis and had millions 'kicked back' to himself & others.

The Dems WANT conflict in the ME as it serves their Puppet Masters well who get rich off wars but President Trump will sort a truce out with Israel/Palestine so no more people have to be killed. It won't be easy but the Moon position shows he won't quit until peace is restored in the region.

A VERY excellent Solar Return 2021-2022 for President Trump but he does need to take better care of his health and not allow the fake news to get him too angry. I get it.
He has worked overtime to MAGA. Now he has to SAVE AMERICA before the country is completely destroyed. But he'll succeed. WINNING is what he does best!
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