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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

Trump is not holding back anymore, he's rightfully calling out Dr. Fauci and WHO/CDC, the fake news & the Dems who all colluded to blame Trump for the pandemic.

Mercury RX Gemini Truth coming out.

President Trump: Fauci Was in the Pocket of China (VIDEO)

Trump accused China of the biggest attack on the world in history.
President Trump also accused Dr. Tony Fauci of being in the pocket of China.

President Trump: I always got along with him great but he was wrong on so many fronts. And there’s an example. You look at his emails. They are really horrible. He was in the pocket it would seem, he was in the pocket of, we’re all smart people, he was in the pocket of China. The way he pandered to them and the way he dealt with them… So many emails. I’ve never seen anything like it. You almost think that’s all he could do because of so many emails.

Adam Gaertner

Fauci was also advised of the hemoglobin link in April, which should have resulted in recognition that mechanical ventilation is completely useless. Instead, they continued to punch holes in people's lungs and refuse proper treatment.

Absolutely criminal.

Dr. Benjamin Braddock
Jun 2
Fauci was informed about Ivermectin, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, other antivirals as early as April 2020.

Trump mentioned HCQ, Ivermectin and other treatments and therapeutics in spring 2020 and Fauci & Big Tech and MSM attacked, mocked & ridiculed him. But, once again, Trump was RIGHT.

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