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Re: Solar eclipse in d.j.trump's chart - astrology thread only

The SE only 3 days before his birthday on June 14th, highlighting and bringing Trump into the world and public view on a massive scale.

In Guatemala, the VP Harris was met with signs that told her 'GO HOME, TRUMP WON' and "WE ARE A PRO-LIFE COUNTRY'.

BANNERS unfurled this week in countries around the world that said only two words:

Private planes flying banners that said "TRUMP WON'.

All over the world, not just in the U.S.A. people are expressing their Truth.

The fake news lie about him non-stop and Big Tech banned and censored him.

Yet, he made a speech last Sat and it now has over 5 MILLION views on the 3 uncensored platforms.
They had another boat rally for him in Jupiter, FL.


President Trump will be starting up his rallies AZ, FL, OH and NC.

Like he always said:


June's Solar Eclipse & NM In Gemini Launching Trump into a Bright Future

Trump statements spread far on social media even after ban, analysis finds

Despite a ban from most major platforms, former President Donald Trump's online statements are reportedly spreading far and wide on social media.

Many of Trump's statements after his January social media ban have received as many, if not more, likes or shares online as they did before, according to an analysis published Monday by the New York Times.
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