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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

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Many of these posts are focusing on meanings that are based upon subjective/objective personal self image or psychological interpretation, but what if you want to know something concrete in the external objective world and have already figured out who you are in relation to the rest of the world?
There is a method

(actually several)

by Vettius Valens

for predicting the concrete particular (such as a man has red hair, gets married at age 27, founds a successful business at 38, becomes widely recognized or famous at 51, etc). Valens wrote the Anthology nearly 1900 years ago in classical Greek and it has been translated by a number of scholars.

The first thing that Valens ascertains is the chart support or eminence of the native by taking the Sun's position by day or the Moon's position by night and looking at the condition of the 3 trigon lords based upon the signs they are in and whether they are in angular, succeedent or cadent houses. Valens used the whole sign house system. If these 3 planets were found to be angular and in their own domiciles, exaltations, etc then the chart was said to have great support and the planets Mars and Saturn will behave differently if they turn malefic (meaning that in a situation such as Watergate, that Nixon's aides took the blame before Nixon fell). If the planets were succeedent for the most part, then it is a middling condition and if they fell cadent and not in their own places, then life is difficult for the most part. Of course this is very general and there are ways to get a more exact idea of where the difficulties lie because we all usually have different kinds of things going on in different areas as described by the houses.

I can't go into the whole of the method of Valens here, but there is one technique that stands out above the others that is easily verifiable and would be useful even for novices known as Zodiacal Releasing (aphesis in Greek). Valens says that if the domicile lord of Spirit happens to be in the 10th sign counting from the lot of fortune, or if the 10th from fortune happens to be fortunate by having planets in their own domicile or exaltation, then when that sign has the timelordship, that is when they will become famous and what they do in that period is often what they are known for.

For example, John Travolta has the lot of fortune in Aquarius which makes Scorpio the 10th sign counting from fortune. He has the lot of spirit in Capricorn which means that Saturn is the domicile lord for spirit. Because Travolta has Saturn in Scorpio, we know before hand that when he reaches his Scorpio period that he will be famous and what he does during that time is what he is known for. Travolta is most known for his roles in Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp fiction. Guess what? He was in a Scorpio period during the production and release of these three movies (first in 1977-78 and again in 1993-94).

Einstein was in a Mars Capricorn 10th period when general relativity was confirmed and he became the most famous scientist in the world. Hitler went into his 10th from fortune period and one day later the Nazi party took 108 seats in parliament.

We have been finding this to be a very reliable technique to find when career shifts occur and when one is most effective and for eminent nativities, when they become famous or when there is trouble for reputation.

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Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part IV - Nativities

1. On the Length of Life
In all nativities, the Lightbringer is Predominator if it is operative.
If it is not, the other Light is Predominator if it is operative.
If both Lights are inoperative, the Hour-Marker is Predominator.

As soon as you determine the Releaser, look at the degrees and rays of the killing stars and from the rising times find the evident length of life. The killing degrees and rays are the presence, tetragon and diameter of Saturn, Mars, Sun and Moon. If Jupiter and Venus intervene with their presence and rays in proximity to the killing degrees, they repudiate the previous testimony. And Mercury neither destroys nor intervenes with its presence and rays.

For short-lived nativities, the nearest bound, degree or ray of a bad star will indicate the length of life. For long-lived nativities, one must carefully examine the bounds of bad and inoperative stars following the 90th degree, and the greater recurrence years of the Master of the Nativity. Release the Predominator through the bounds, giving the year for every ascensional degree. Examine the bound rulers, whether benefic or malefic, and whether favorably placed or unfavorably placed.

Investigate the presence and rays of the stars. The good and operative stars are indicative of good health and elevation, while the bad and inoperative stars are indicative of infirmities, accusations and eventually the end of life, which is revealed by the vitality and eminence of the nativity. The vital sector derived from the rising times forecasts the limit of the entire length of life. Then if it allots the living times, it also seems to control the auspicious and inauspicious times.

One must take into account the seven keys and the general signs of the biological systems. The distance from which the good stars intervene depends on the combined biological indications. And if the health indications are poor, the good gods will not intervene at all, especially with the chronocratorship of inoperative and bad stars. Accusation indicates the illness and primary cause of death, but Fortune also takes that role when unfavorably placed.

And if the stars or images which indicate infirmity are present, tetragon and diameter with Saturn and Mars, the disease which befalls the nativity will be untreatable. But if Jupiter and Venus are present and configured, the native can be cured by medicine and by the help of the gods. In every case it is necessary to examine the appearance and the conception, for the difference of a degree can change an unviable nativity to a long-lived one.

One must understand that the length may always be cut prematurely if the native takes part in the threatening universals. Thus one must investigate the universal indication of the given area of the nativity. One needs to work with the signs of the gods and with empirical precision, going from a chronocrator to a chronocrator, delineating all important events in succession.

Investigate the Master of the Nativity, the bound houseruler of the Predominator. The beginning, the main, the end, the measurement standard of the whole nativity is the Master. It makes clear what kind of person the native will be, what kind of livelihood he will have, what appearance or health one will have, and all the things that will accompany him in life. Without this star nothing, neither occupation nor advancement, will come to anyone.

When the Lightbringer is ascending, exalted and attended by the benefics, it will allot the greater recurrence years. When the Master of the Nativity is ascending and favorably placed, it will allot the greater recurrence years, but when it is unfavorably placed, it will allot the recurrence years.

2. On Appearance
When the Hour-Marker, the Sun and the Moon become masculine and ruled by masculine stars, men are born, and when they become feminine and ruled by feminine stars, women are born. If the dodekatemoria of the Hour-Marker, the Sun and the Moon are masculine, men are born.

If the Hour-Marker and the Lights are with quadrupedal images, and the malefics are ascending to the degree, the nativity will have congenital disorders, but if Jupiter and Venus are configured to the Hour-Marker, they make nativities viable of livelihood. In such cases, the Lot of Fortune will indicate the infirmity. Cancer and Scorpio cause polymelia. Cancer, Pisces and Taurus cause aplasia. Saturn, Venus and Mercury cause sexual development disorders. But if the Hour-Marker and the Lights are with human images and rising alongside, they make the nativity belong to one of the human race, healthy and intelligent.

Make judgement of appearance with the Hour-Marker, the Moon and the Master of the Nativity. Changeable images indicate nativities fitted for dealing with the people, fond of turbulence and political activity, glory-seeking, attentive to the gods, noble, mobile, inquisitive, inventive, good at conjecture, and fitted for divination. Solid images signify just nativities, unaffected by flattery, persistent, firm, intelligent, patient, industrious, stern, self-controlled, tenacious of grudges, extortionate, contentious, ambitious, factious, grasping, hard, and inflexible. Double-bodied images indicate complex nativities, changeable, very hard to apprehend, light, unstable, fickle, amorous, versatile, fond of music, lazy, easily acquisitive, and prone to change their minds.

In every case it is necessary to investigate the Master of the Nativity, and the bound ruler of the preceding New or Full Moon, and to carefully consider the admixture.

And if one is not present at the nativity, but determines the rising image and the placement of the stars by appearance, he should immediately inquire the degree of the Hour-Marker. Investigate the conception. Let the degree of the Moon at the nativity be the Hour-Marker at the conception, and let the Hour-Marker at the nativity be the degree of the Moon at the conception.

When the Moon is rising at the Hour-Marker, the birth is intermediate of 273 days and 8 hours. If the Moon is above the horizon, the time will be less. If the Moon is below the horizon, the time will be more. Give one day for every 13.17 degrees of distance. When the Moon is unfavorably placed at the nativity, it will be necessary to subtract 27 days and 8 hours, or more proportionate to the bad influence. Thus make a scientific beginning, and fashion a forecast of the end.

3. On Parents
Sun and Father inoperative and beheld by malefics, while Fortune is masculine, indicate that the father will predecease the mother. Moon and Mother inoperative and beheld by malefics, while Fortune is feminine, signify that the mother will predecease the father. When the Sun and Jupiter are ascending, they cause good livelihood for the father, and the Moon and Venus cause the same for the mother. Conversely, if they are inoperative, they make them weak and low, or foreigners, or estranged from their children. Saturn and Mars anti-culminating cause misfortune for parents, or estrangement, while Jupiter and Venus indicate good fortune.

If the Lot of the Father is allotted to Leo, Sagittarius or Aries with the configurations of benefics, it makes him a leader of the populace. If one would busy himself with further inquiries about the details concerning individuals, let him take the Lot as the Hour-Marker, and the image upon the tenth as action, and the diametrical image as affairs, and the anti-culminating image as death, and let him distinguish the Lots and the rest of the dodekatopos in the same fashion.

4. On Siblings
Jupiter, Venus and Mercury operative and favorably placed give siblings and children, especially with fertile images. From the Lot of Siblings, determine the number, gender, health and rank of siblings. Infertile images do not indicate siblings, semi-infertile indicate one, semi-fertile indicate two, fertile images indicate three siblings. Houserulers with fertile images give siblings.

Benefics give siblings, malefics signify childlessness, or they cause grief from siblings. Examine the predominating gender of the images and houserulers, and make your judgement based on the number. Preponderance of double-bodied images cause multiple births. Saturn destroys the elder siblings, Mars destroys the middleborn, Mercury destroys the youngest with malefics. Saturn and Mars rising, culminating and setting without benefic testimony cause the destruction of siblings.

5. On Action
Investigate the nature of attending stars. Fortune and the domicile ruler favorably placed make successful nativities, Saturn through property, agriculture and shipping ventures, Jupiter through fiduciary relationships, guardianship and priesthoods, Mars through governorship and military operations, Venus through friends, gifts and women, and Mercury through eloquence and trade.

Stars that predominate action are ascending, houseruler of the X, Master of the Nativity, and with the Lot of Fortune. When Mars, Venus and Mercury happen to be placed contrariwise, examine the one that is morning rising. It will be necessary to observe the order of the predomination.

Mars predominating makes craftsmen, masons, quarrymen, carpenters, shipbuilders, blacksmiths, miners, woodcutters, farmers, jewellers and soldiers
With Saturn - sailors, cooks, embalmers
With Jupiter - soldiers, commanders, governors, friends with the great

Mars and Venus predominating make dyers, jewellers, farmers, pharmacists and physicians
With Saturn - attendants of sacred animals and mysteries, embalmers, attendants of bloody rites
With Jupiter - frequenters of temples, interpreters of omens, supervisors of women and affairs

Mars and Mercury predominating make physicians, surgeons, sculptors, commanders, tacticians, wrestlers, criminals, adulterers, wrongdoers and forgers
With Saturn - murderers, criminals, terrorists
With Jupiter - energetic, clever and successful individuals

Venus predominating makes social individuals whose activities lie amongst crafts, trade, music, arts, flowers, wine, colours, embroidery, ornaments, food and accommodation
With Saturn - dealers in goods for pleasure and adornment, pharmacists, sorcerers
With Jupiter - eminent individuals, athletes, advancement from women and the great

Venus and Mercury predominating make graceful individuals, artists, musicians, dancers, poets and writers
With Saturn - makers of musical instruments, weavers, dealers in feminine finery
With Jupiter - lawyers, supervisors, public officers, teachers of children, leaders of the populace

Mercury predominating makes businessmen, stewards, accountants, secretaries, mathematicians, scholars, teachers, merchants, bankers, gamblers, astrologers, mystics and those who perform their functions by means of documents, interpretation, giving and taking
With Saturn - managers of the property of others, interpreters of dreams, frequenters of temples for the purpose of prophecy and inspiration
With Jupiter - law-makers, philosophers, orators, counsellors, friends with the great

Examine the changeable, terrestrial, watery, human, eloquent, judicial, fertile, royal, servile and the like, and make judgement of action. When the rulers of the action are favorably placed, they make great, glorious, profitable, unerring and gracious occupations, but if the malefics overcome them, they make mean, inglorious, profitless and fallible occupations. When Saturn and Mars are diametrical from the rulers of action, they bring utter ruin of action during the chronocratorship.

6. On Affairs
The topic of affairs is to be examined from the Lot of Affairs, the VII and Venus. When they and the domicile rulers happen to be with changeable, double-bodied and passionate images, and also ascending from Mars, they cause many affairs. Benefics cause good marriages. Saturn and Mars when unfavorably placed indicate divorces, and they make widowers with incomplete images.

7. On Children
The number, gender, health and rank of children is judged similarly to the topic of siblings, but one should take Children and the X as rulers of the matter. If the Lot and the domicile ruler are in harmony with the Hour-Marker and the Lot of Fortune, the children will be dear to their parents, they will be attractive, and inherit the patrimony, but if they are turned away or diametrical, they will be quarrelsome, trouble-makers, injurious and will not inherit the patrimony. When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are harmoniously configured with each other, they cause brotherly affection and mutual respect amongst the children, but if they are turned away or diametrical, the children will be quarrelsome and scheming.
8. On Friendship
Investigate friendship from Daimon and the XI, servants from Fortune and the VI, enemies from Accusation and the XII. Daimon and the XI with Cancer and Pisces cause many associations and social nativities. Eloquent images make associations with intelligent persons. Royal images make friendships with the great. Jupiter favorably placed makes friendships with kings, Venus with the distinguished women, Mercury with intelligent men, and with rascals when present with Scorpio.

Concerning partnership and affairs, examine the rising images, the Sun and the Moon of the two nativities. If they share an affinity by being of the same wind, they make good relationship, as do the images with hexagon. Like-engirding and like-ascending images are harmonious, but weak if they happen to be turned away. If the Hour-Marker, Sun and Moon are turned away, tetragon and diametrical from each other, they cause discord, separation and enmity.

Examine the placements of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury, for they also contribute or hinder the synastry. Saturn and Mars hinder through disagreement and hatred, Jupiter and Venus contribute through agreement and unity, and Mercury either helps or hinders communication.

9. On Travel
Sun and Moon pre-ascending cause travel. Fortune pre-ascending causes travel. Mars with the IX and the IV causes travel. Moon with the VII causes travel. Mars diametrical from the Sun and the Moon cause travel. Cancer and Pisces cause travel. Nativities which have many placements with the corresponding countries will naturally be inclined to live there and have successful trade with those nations, if the houseruler of the VII is benefic with the same direction from the nativity.

If Jupiter and Venus are the rulers of the places which govern travel, and of the Sun and Moon, they make the journeys not only safe, but also pleasant, for the subjects will be sent on their way either by the leaders of the country or by the resources of their friends, and favorable conditions of the weather and abundance of supplies will also aid them. If Mercury is present, profits, gains, gifts and honours result from this good fortune.

If Saturn and Mars control the Lights and IX, however, and particularly if they are diametrical to each other, they will make the results useless and involve the subjects in great dangers, through unfortunate voyages and shipwrecks with watery images, through hard going and desert places with solid images, through falling from heights and assaults from winds with changeable images, through piracy, plots and robbery with human images, through attacks of beasts and earthquakes with terrestrial images, and if Mercury is also present with Saturn and Mars, through the weather, dangerous accusations, bites of reptiles and other poisonous creatures.

When the IX and the houseruler are favorably placed, the person will benefit from foreign places and foreigners. And if the houseruler of the IV is better placed, the person will not travel much, proportionate to the indications of travel. The direction of travel is indicated by the Sun and the Moon, and by the placements of the chronocrators during indicated travel.

I - East
II - Northeast
III - North-Northeast
IV - North
V - North-Northwest
VI - Northwest
VII - West
VIII - Southwest
IX - South-Southwest
X - South
XI - South-Southeast
XII - Southeast

10. On the Division of Times
Investigate the method of the dodekatemoria, allotting 129 months to the Predominator, and the stars following using the sidereal year. If the Hour-Marker is Releaser, the star that follows will first allot the years. Every star makes a distribution to itself, and the stars following with the recurrence years as months. The times are divided in the same manner as with the method itself. Examine the chronocrators, the sequence of the distribution, and make judgement of the nativity.

Saturn favorably placed by day causes profit from vigorous efforts and hard work, ancient trades, mysteries, legacy, relatives, elders, property and land, and the times become good for everything. When unfavorably placed by night, it makes difficulties in everything, inactivity, bodily illness and dangers, losses, poverty, penalties, harm, judgements and deaths of relatives, dismantling of ancient things, quarrels with elders, deceptions and extortions of friends, troubles from lands and foundations, and from the places that Saturn governs at the nativity.

Saturn onto Jupiter favorably placed by day are productive of prosperity, notable friendships and acquisitions. When unfavorably placed by night, they fine and damage what is being completed, harm relatives, they bring toil and the reduction of wealth.

Saturn onto Mars favorably placed make troubles and setbacks. When unfavorably placed, they make those who are discouraged and not eager, they gather up enemies and trouble, and sickness with Mercury.

Saturn onto Sun favorably placed by day cause high rank and wealth. When unfavorably placed by night, they portend dangers from authorities and travel, unemployment, penalties, dimming of vision and harm to the father.

Saturn onto Venus favorably placed indicate success in business and marriage for the unmarried. When unfavorably placed, they cause disturbances of friendship and love and changes of affairs.

Saturn onto Mercury favorably placed by day indicate great advancement and increase of wealth. When unfavorably placed by night, they bring about the chilling of business, contentions, debts, sickness, deceptions in business and harm from speech.

Saturn onto Moon unfavorably placed cause uproars, bodily illness, the reduction of possessions and harm to the mother. When favorably placed, the time is profitable and productive of alliance.

Jupiter onto Saturn favorably placed by day cause advancement, association with the great, the alleviation of distress, nativities spend freely and manage the work of others. When unfavorably placed by night, they cause turbulent times, oppression by superiors and grief from relatives.

Jupiter favorably placed by day causes good opinion with all matters, learning, wisdom, wealth, alliances, friendship, acquisition, gifts and success. When unfavorably placed by night, it causes hardship, travel abroad, disputes with superiors, unemployment, losses, expenses, slanders, cares on account of public affairs, jealousy and judgements.

Jupiter onto Mars unfavorably placed cause enmities and rumours. When favorably placed, they release one from oppression, bring friendships with the great, profits and acquisitions, and if the nativity is distinguished, they bring public offices and governorship.

Jupiter onto Sun favorably placed by day are advancing, successful, and they bring sympathetic friendships. When unfavorably placed by night, they are disturbing with regard to the father and livelihood.

Jupiter onto Venus favorably placed are productive of unexpected wealth, advancement, affairs, marriage and children. When unfavorably placed, they cause enmity, uproar and unemployment.

Jupiter onto Mercury favorably placed cause profits, partnership, friendship, gifts and mysticism. When unfavorably placed, they bring losses and expenses.

Jupiter onto Moon favorably cause good fortune, help from relatives and important women. When unfavorably placed they bring gains and expenses.

Mars onto Saturn favorably placed are disturbing with regard to affairs, livelihood and children, they cause inactivity. When unfavorably placed, they cause judgements, violence, enmity, plots, grief, dangerous illness and condemnations.

Mars onto Jupiter favorably placed cause great success, alliances and distinguished positions, but they cause rather moderate advancement when post-ascending. When unfavorably placed, they produce enmities, slanders, separations from friends and vicissitudes.

Mars favorably placed by night causes effective, profitable and advancing time, alliances with superiors and public fame. When unfavorably placed by day, it makes enmities, weakness, fears, dangers, falls, slanders, abuse and annoyances.

Mars onto Sun favorably placed cause activities and friendship, but with hardship and doubts. When unfavorably placed, they are disturbing, productive of vexation of travel, bloodshed, harm from fire, bodily illness, dimming of vision and grief from the father.

Mars onto Venus favorably placed by night are always profitable, graceful and delightful. When unfavorably placed by day, they are harmful for the sake of affairs and women, and they bring separations and quarrels.

Mars onto Mercury favorably placed make penalties and lawsuit. When unfavorably placed, they cause treachery, falsity, crime, sickness and debts.

Mars onto Moon favorably placed by night cause advancement and profit. When unfavorably placed by day, they cause bodily illness, confusion, travel weakness, financial harms and grief.

Sun onto Saturn favorably placed by day are effective for actions, wealth, joy and memories of ancient matters. When unfavorably placed by night, they cause dangers, inactivity, judgements, bankruptcies, enmities with elders, deaths of relatives, fearful sights and anxiety.

Sun onto Jupiter favorably placed by day make for great actions, evident matters, friendship with great men, acquisition and renown. When unfavorably placed by night, they cause vicissitudes in livelihood, obstacles in advancement, enmities, confusion and bodily illness with malefics.

Sun onto Mars favorably placed cause advancement and profit. When unfavorably placed, they harm the father or one who is like the father, they stir up trouble with friends and relatives, they cause sickness, dimming of vision, treachery, enmities, expenses, travel, slanders and dangers.

Sun favorably placed by day is effective for making alliances and friendships with superiors, and it promises trust, friendship, profitable travel and livelihood. When unfavorably placed by night, it gives disputes with superiors, idleness, confusion, loss of spirit, sickness, judgement, violence, dimming of vision, harm to the father and the patrimony.

Sun onto Venus favorably placed are good, joyful, affectionate, graceful, and they associate men with women. When unfavorably placed and inoperative, they cause disturbances from family and women, sickness and confusion.

Sun onto Mercury favorably placed are effective for actions, prosperity in business, partnership, trust, reconciliation, purchases, exchange, domestic affairs, learning and manifestation of hidden matters. When unfavorably placed, they cause hindrances, confusion, treachery, diminishment of money, harm from friends, oppression, deceptions, thefts from servants, sickness with malefics.

Sun onto Moon favorably placed are fine for unions and everything. When unfavorably placed, they cause expenditures, travel and unpleasantness in relation to women, family and superiors.

Venus onto Saturn favorably placed are inharmonious with regard to affairs and harmonious with regard to business. When unfavorably placed, they cause death of important women, confusion, abuse, quarrels with women, poisoning, plots and shameful deeds.

Venus onto Jupiter favorably placed cause great actions, alliances, marriage and children. When unfavorably placed and inoperative, they cause losses from women and separations.

Venus onto Mars favorably placed by night are effective in everything. When unfavorably placed by day, they are harmful, productive of quarrels, jealousy and adultery for passionate nativities.

Venus onto Sun favorably placed are effective, cheerful, affectionate, graceful and they associate men with women. When unfavorably placed with malefics, they cause disturbances from family and women, confusion and sickness.

Venus favorably placed by night is good, successful, effective, profitable, especially with regard to domestic affairs, advancement, pleasure, friendship with women and graceful activities. When unfavorably placed by day, it gives unemployment, expenses, anxiety, judgement, quarrels with women, enmity and diseases with malefics.

Venus onto Mercury favorably placed are effective for exchanges, trade, letters, education, rank, honours, purchases, friendship and partnership. When unfavorably placed, they bring expenses, separations from women, jealousy and plots with malefics.

Venus onto Moon favorably placed are affectionate, cheerful and effective. When unfavorably placed, they are harmful with regard to domestic affairs, women and health.

Mercury onto Saturn favorably placed increase reputation and bring acquisition, harm enemies, provide benefits from ancient unions, trade and matters. When unfavorably placed, they indicate lawsuits, unemployment, debt, harm from friends, servants and treachery.

Mercury onto Jupiter favorably placed are effective for action, trade, speech, learning, especially for those who wish to come into power. When unfavorably placed, they indicate disturbances, quarrels with superiors and sickness with malefics.

Mercury onto Mars favorably placed indicate those who are daring, inventive and excited about things. When unfavorably placed, they signify uprisings, attacks and threats from criminals, grief from children, friends, servants and speeches.

Mercury onto Sun favorably placed are effective for action, trade, travel, learning, speeches and manifestation of hidden matters. When unfavorably placed, they bring expenses and judgement.

Mercury onto Venus favorably placed cause benefits from women and affairs. When unfavorably placed, they cause distressing messages and domestic disturbances.

Mercury favorably placed is good and effective for trade, speech, exchanges, politics, diplomacy, writing and learning. When unfavorably placed, it causes loss of wealth and friends, dishonesty, deception, uproars and lawsuits.

Mercury onto Moon favorably placed give profit, authority and luxury. When unfavorably placed with malefics, they indicate bodily illness, contentions and dangers.

Moon onto Saturn favorably placed cause advancement and success. When unfavorably placed, they cause bodily illness, weakness, infirmity of the eyesight, the chilling of activities, dangers, expenses, inactivity, fevers and the remembrance of ancient matters.

Moon onto Jupiter favorably placed are good, productive, full of accomplishment, they associate with the great, they bring ranks, offices, benefits, gifts from females, marriage for the unmarried, children to the married, alliances and friendships, increase of livelihood and rank for the mother, success in business, and fulfillment of hopes and expectations. When unfavorably placed, they cause moderate fortune, and expenses with malefics.

Moon onto Mars favorably placed by night promise success, but with anxiety and labour. When unfavorably placed by day, they cause unforeseen dangers and falls, and ascending from Saturn, they cause dangerous illness, bleeding, accidents with fire, penalties, domestic disorder, hostility, separation from women, grief from women, trials, imprisonment and upheavals of the masses.

Moon onto Sun favorably placed are effective for everything. When unfavorably placed with the malefics, they bring the waning of livelihood, great expenses, the failure of actions, vain hopes, travel abroad, domestic disorders and upheavals.

Moon onto Venus favorably placed by night are cheerful, effective, affectionate, productive of rank and marriage. When unfavorably placed by day with malefics, they indicate unpleasantness, hatred, expenses, breaches of promises, jealousy, quarrels and harm from relatives and women.

Moon onto Mercury favorably placed are good with respect to females and political associations. When unfavorably placed with malefics, they indicate lawsuits, disturbances because of money, documents and accounts, condemnations and great struggles.

Moon favorably placed causes travel abroad, alliances, reputations and help from women. When unfavorably placed with malefics, it causes bodily illness, dangers, wanderings, affliction for the mother, dimming of vision, grief from relatives, censures and uproars of the multitudes.

Every placement and rulership causes effects concerning life and siblings, livelihood and wealth, relatives and partnership, parents and household, fortune and beneficence, injury and servants, wives and success, property and acquisition, travel and education, action and children, friendship and opportunities, suffering and enemies, males or females, many times, once or twice, watery or terrestrial, eloquent or silent, human or quadrupedal, royal or common, intimidating or peaceful, and the like, and their admixtures account for all causal effects. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury also cause favorable effects with bounds, assemblies and configurations. Saturn, Mars, Sun and Moon also cause unfavorable effects with bounds, assemblies, tetragons and diameters for the Releaser.

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