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Thumbs up For all Newbies - Basic lesson - How to read the Natal Chart

I find this very helpful specially...

The Lesson 9

The Aspects -a connection or relationship between two or more planets. This connection always alters the interpretation of the planets and signs involved. When planets are in aspect to each other, their interpretations must be blended according to the nature of the aspect.

This is the one which I get confused when i see a natal chart for the 1st time and wonder what it all means-the lines runs across each planets connecting them.

now i have a clear picture of the Natal chart with the help of lesson 9 which give us a glance of how to understand what it means with examples with diagrams

Lesson 1 -
Lesson 2 -
Lesson 3 -
Lesson 4 -
Lesson 5 -
Lesson 6 -
Lesson 7 -
Lesson 8 -
Lesson 9 -
Lesson10 -
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