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Re: Do I have any STD?

Hello Scherzy
I will tell you some things and i really hope this time you may understand what i am saying for your own good.

Instead of retrieving to horary astrology daily as to get answers for whatever stresses you, i think it would be wiser to consider your actions beforehand and especially related to such sensitive matters which may threaten your health, not only physically but mentally also.

You keep making multiple charts for the same questions, getting different answers in multiple forums (English-french...etc) and this is not healthy (you are doing this not only with health matters, but with whatever concerns you..whether is exams, love interest...etc.Surprisingly also, although members in all forums advise you to be more sensible over the requested matter every time, afterwards you disregard the reading, you cast another chart, and above that you take unwise decisions...for example: 9/3 Is his purpose is only sex?/then another chart on 12/3:Should I trust him?/13-3Will he call or text me in a month?...etc)

on 15th of march (2-3 days later after you had unprotected sex) you asked: do i have aids due to unprotected sex?Do I have any sexual ilness?

on 20th of march you ask: am i pregnant ?(just one week after you had sex...)i told you back then that this chart wasn't positive for pregnancy

on 26th...six days later you ask again: am i pregnant? on the meantime, we learn you have already taken ella (the next day pill) as you said and furthermore you have made a test which was negative. Hearing different opinions about your second chart, while this obviously wasn't the initial one,you start casting charts for abortion.

on 28th you make another chart asking if you will have an abortion by drinking sage and herbal teas... meanwhile you have made also a second test which is also negative... it's still less than a month from your last period..

then you make another chart about the abortion and another...etc and we all know the conclusion on this matter about this hypothetical pregnancy...there wasn't any (3-4 tests negative, you have taken ella also and above that the second pregnancy chart was not valid, but even in that chart anyone could see that there wasn't any fertilization of the egg or whatsoever..) but still you concluded that there must have been an abortion just because few members in two different forums judging from your second chart of yours saw a relative aspect.

yesterday once more you post this chart in different forums again, asking whether you have an std?

As you may understand members of the forums are not obligated to search how many charts you've done for the same question, considering also that their reading maybe not right, since most of them either learn astrology or they are beginners, you can't assume that yes you are pregnant on no you aren't, that you have aids or you don't, that you have an std or not...etc.

Now about your charts related to aids and std: the chart can tell whether sexual activity harmed you/made you sick, but it will not differentiate between aids or some other sexual disease. If you want to know this, there are better ways to find out. Like going to a doctor.

I don't know how many times you had unprotected sex after march or if this question once more is related to your initial sexual intercourse with this person back in march, still judging from your both related charts,and especially the initial one i think would be wiser to go and get tested.The symptoms you mentioned and the related sigs point to diseases of the skin.

I wish you all the best

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