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Re: Possibly very challenging chart with lots of aspects

Your chart definitely shows that you have a lot of energies working at cross purposes, yet there is the prospect of overcoming the challenges through the trines and sextiles in the chart. I know there are rules involving the dominance of planets and signs, but taking a step outside of the box, you can probably tell which carries the greatest weight and significance for you through intuitive deductions; it is likely that the one that holds the greatest influence over you is found within the hard aspects of the chart, as these tend to be more noticeable in our lives. I would suspect that the conjunction of Uranus/Neptune tends to dominate, as the signature of your particular generation that differs from most others. This duo relates to the massive social and political changes taking place in the world today; your generation is marked with specific missions in life, and your lives are particularly influenced by the current world affairs. At this evolutionary stage you are being groomed as the pioneers of a new era that is meant to be more attentive to humanitarian needs and conservation of the earth and her resources. Uranus shows the need for independence and self-reliance and using such tools for the betterment of humanity; yet it is also about reclaiming that sense of personal autonomy, rather than being trapped within the confines of an abusive and consumeristic establishment; this also denotes an awakening consciousness of higher awareness. Neptune is about a return to spirituality and the re-connection with divinity. As a double Taurus it is predictable that you will be engaged in things of a more material orientation in life; this engages the contrast between your personal resources and the sharing of resources; Sun oppose Pluto shows a strong need for transformation in terms of your personal Identity and individuality, so as to play some significant role in life, denoted by the NN in the 10th. I do concur that the aspect of Jupiter and Pluto is important considering the grand trine involvement. As such the Jupiter /Pluto alliance also plays into the Sun/Pluto polarity as issues relating to power and control; and also the opposition of Jupiter to the Uranus/Neptune conjunct in terms of spirituality and self-realization. I think that with all these crisscrossing energies it would be rather meaningless in terms of trying to find which one plant is dominant. What would you then do with such a designation?
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